Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

Rav Moshe Weinberger is a noted speaker who draws upon a vast array of sources in his shiurim. The diverse currents of the Maharal, Ramchal, Ba'al Shem Tov, Vilna Gaon, Rav Tzadok HaKohen, Rebbe Nachman, The Ba'al HaTanya and others merge within him and are transmitted to countless Jews of all backgrounds thirsting for knowledge, inspiration and guidance. Rav Weinberger has also been intimately involved in Jewish education and outreach for almost thirty years. He has developed a library of more than 2,500 MP3 downloads on Tefilah, Chassidus, Hashkafah, Rav Kook's Oros Hateshuvah, and the Aish Kodesh's sforim, among others, that are listened to by men and women, young and not quite so young, all over the world. Visit http://www.ravmosheweinberger.com to veiw his full library of shiurim.
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Our Role As A Wife To Hashem – A Shiur For Women Marriage 82 min
Shalom Bayis – Why Spouses Feel So Far Apart From Each Other Marriage 59 min
01 - Inspired Parenting - Why Hashem Gave Us The Mitzvah Of Having Children Parenting 52 min
01 - Jewish Names in Halacha - The Impact Of The Name On A Person's Life Parenting 54 min
02 - Inspired Parenting - Influencing Others In A Positive Way Parenting 58 min
02 - Jewish Names in Halacha - The Name Is A Person's Life Force Parenting 60 min
03 - Inspired Parenting - Inspiring Our Children by Living Torah Parenting 58 min
03 - Jewish Names in Halacha - Significance Of The Jewish Name Parenting 58 min
04 - Inspired Parenting - Our State Of Mind When Relating To Our Children Parenting 64 min
05 - Inspired Parenting - We Have ALL The Necessary Capabilities To Raise Our Children Parenting 60 min
06 - Inspired Parenting - Nothing About The Parent - Child Relationship Is Coincidence Parenting 65 min
07 - Inspired Parenting - Looking At A Child's Potential Rather Than His Current State Parenting 64 min
08 - Inspired Parenting - Living Torah Values As Opposed To Merely Teaching Them Parenting 64 min
09 - Inspired Parenting - The Power Of A Mother's Prayer Parenting 65 min
10 - Inspired Parenting - Parenting With Emotion Parenting 72 min
Adoption In Halacha (1) Is Adoption A Jewish Concept Parenting 41 min
Adoption In Halacha (2) The Issues With Adopting A Jewish Child Parenting 43 min
Adoption In Halacha (3) The Issues With Adopting A Non-Jewish Child (1) Parenting 40 min
Adoption In Halacha (4) The Issues With Adopting A Non-Jewish Child (2) Parenting 31 min
Apple Of My Eye (02) Guarding The Pureness Of Our Children's Neshomos Parenting 62 min
Apple Of My Eye (03) Your Child - Handpicked By Hashem Himself Parenting 61 min
Apple Of My Eye (04) Enveloping Our Families In Teivos Of Holiness Parenting 61 min
Apple Of My Eye (05) Our Homes - Modern Day Teivos Parenting 60 min
Apple Of My Eye (06) The Greatest Kindness - Watching Our Children Parenting 62 min
Apple Of My Eye (07) The Obligation To Protect Our Homes Parenting 53 min