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Bitachon Or Hishtadlus (12) Nothing Of My Own, And I Don't Need It
Length: 46 min
Based on the writings of Rav Chaim Cohen, the Chalban, Tallelei Chaim, Sefer Bereishis, P. 547. True humility causes a person to always turn to Hashem even though he is fully aware of his own capabilities. The internal conflict between denial and humble acceptance. The true meaning of "It's not me." What does the humble person ask himself? Why boast of a talent that I did not create? We don't have to demean ourselves and deny our capabilities to become humble. Everything is about Hashem, and the tzaddik (righteous person) believes and understands this - therefore, even though he trusts Hashem's promise, he compares himself to an unworthy person who has not received a promise. The sweetness of a Jew pouring out his heart to Hashem. Tzaddikim can feel confident because they completely trust in Hashem; their fear is not a contradiction to the midah (character trait) of bitachon (trust).
Bitachon Or Hishtadlus by Rav Moshe Weinberger