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Bitachon Or Hishtadlus (20) Living For The Sake Of Others - It's Not About Me
Length: 40 min
Based on the writings of Rav Chaim Cohen, the Chalban, Tallelei Chaim, Sefer Bereishis, P. 562. Malchus (kingship) - the vessel that receives all the outpouring of Hashem's goodness in this world. This vessel must be clean - purified through the midah (trait) of anavah (humility). Yesod (foundation [really not a good translation]) is the tzinor (pipeline) through which Hashem's blessing flows into the person and into the world. By definition, a vessel has a bottom, to contain that which it receives, and it is thus concerned with itself; the tzinor, on the other hand, does not want to retain that which it receives, but pass it on to others. This is the meaning of "tzaddik yesod olam" (a righteous person is the foundation of the world), and separates the tzadik, the pipeline who is a pass-through, and infinite mashpia from even very, very large vessels, which still are finite. The more a person becomes a tzinor, the more he expands the "width" of his pipeline and is able to influence even more. The tzadik thus transforms himself and his entire life into a tzinor for the benefit of others. Hashem helps such a person and enables him to operate outside the bounds of nature. This is connected to the supernatural powers of the numbers 8 and 50 and the one essential point to which all of Yiddishkeit can be traced.
Bitachon Or Hishtadlus by Rav Moshe Weinberger