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Bitachon Or Hishtadlus (21) The Tzaddik's Mission In Life
Length: 54 min
Based on the writings of Rav Chaim Cohen, the Chalban, Tallelei Chaim, Sefer Bereishis, P. 563. What gets in the way of a person becoming a tzinor, a pipe for others? A receiver (bana'ich) as opposed to one who builds (bona'ich) and gives to others, who looks outside himself. When a person becomes a mashpiah (pours out to others) and no longer involved with himself, others begin to depend on him. The Lubavitcher Rebbe zt'l, an example who lived his life on behalf of others. Nature comes from the sefirah (emanation) of malchus (kingship), which is not a natural place for miracles. Tzadikim, however, are rooted in the sefirah of yesod (foundation) which is beyond nature. How is it possible that a tzaddik can "nullify" (so to speak) Hashem's decree? In a place of bitachon (trust) I do what I have to do (hishtadlus), but completely rely on Hashem for the outcome. A much higher level is a complete awareness that there is nothing beside Hashem, and he conducts his life that way; and there are many levels in between.
Bitachon Or Hishtadlus by Rav Moshe Weinberger